Saturday, January 06, 2007

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

What a random start to the year it's been so far, although it has nothing to do with methods of transport I am learning a lot. It's been about conflicting interests watching my team play okay but nothing special and having myself dysected which is a good thing because I like debates as they are healthy and help me to understand where we stand and what for. I'm no pyscholigist, neither do I know all the answers or what people think but I think that this is a year where a lot will sink into place in my life anyway. I did mean to update earlier so I am going to roll this post back to 11:59 even though really the time is 1:39.

My childrens mother I think hates me again and I wish she didn't as if we are against each other then I don't see my children. I am loving MySpace at the moment as it's a great medium for conversation and I have made some good friends and also been on it with people I have known for a while. So grab your partners as we are going around again and you know I am loving the Vodka tonight. I will make more sense tomorrow, technically it's not tomorrow until I have slept. Hence me rolling the post back until yesterday haha x