Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'm having an early night

Yeah right, woke up well late today but that's because I went on a random one last night. Got a call at 1am to go for a drive and although my friend wanted to go West End I opted for Dartford to see who was about. Glad I didn't waste my time going out as there was no one about and I would say at the most there must have been fifty people that came out. Anyway we picked up some friends and headed home. Woke up today and watched a couple of movies and spoke on the phone for a few hours. Everyone seems poised haha but still unsure of where to meet up etc. Was supposed to go bowling with my children today but got a call to say that they were in the middle of a game, that was a nice thing to do. Anyway going to start getting on it soon and I mean both ready and drinking. What ever you are doing I hope you have a good one and remember don't accept sweets from strangers !!