Monday, April 23, 2007

21st Century McGuyver

So it's St George's Day and the whole country is celebrating, if we were then today would be on it. Also it would likely be a Bank Holiday, it's not though and I would like to know where the celebrations were and to think our Patron slayed a dragon. Anyway I had a day of rest today as felt up against it and had a lazy day indoors. Had some in depth discussions with my girl over the course of the day and one that I found interesting was about our generation. She said that she would prefer to have been living in the Sixties as everything was better back then from music to fashion and everything.
I agreed with her as with our generation we are just recycling all the old trends and we are struggling for identity. For example Mod, Rock, Punk etc are all coming through and eventually becoming last seasons look. What's with us and are we going to be remembered for a lack of originality, struggling to make a name without being compared. I'll leave it to you to think about that as I have created a vehicle out of a toy box and only wish I was small enough to be pushed around the room myself hahaha...