Monday, April 02, 2007

Tigger, Eeyore and Roo

After the eventful start to the day it was into gear and go around the houses to pick up my children. This was as they were coming out with me for the day with my girlfriend, her daughter and some friends. Was a proper mission but it all pieced together in the end and I made it back quick time as well although the only thing I didn't manage was the shower. That's right and wearing the same clothes from the night before (socks and shorts changed - I promise). This was mainly because some of our friends arrived early and I didn't want to show off my hulk of eight stone might haha (not really eight stone either). Anyway we headed out for food and had to find somewhere without a several hour waiting list which was a task but we were up to the challenge.

We managed to find somewhere decent and although the food was good a guy serving seemed to be intent on letting his arrogance be the main course. He weren't that bad but there seemed a lack of organisation under his watchful eye. After eating and playing in the garden we split into red team and blue team and headed in different direction. Me and my children with two of our friends and my girl and her daughter in the other car.

We got dropped at the park and then headed back to my girls around the corner. My boy has a temper on him that amazes me sometimes. He flipped out about some football he claimed was his that some fellas were playing with and totally lost his cool when my daughter beat him in a race across the field. I would have been very nervous had I been his age haha. We stayed around my girls for a bit and then all headed to the pick-up-point which was new ground for us all really. Didn't expect my children's mother to meet us by the road out of the car and don't think she really expected my girl to be there. A brief situation with my boy again and order resumed. I suppose nothing could really be said as she had her boyfriend in the car as well which would explain the reason she got out of the car.

With the pace of the day I figured it would be just relaxing in front of the television for a few hours but the remaining members of the Blue Team crashed out leaving the sole remaining person from the Red Team to shave, wash, attempt to clean before crashing out as well. On to today and it was an effort start to the day with everything running late but it all worked out okay. Got some decent news today that my phone had been returned to the store and deemed unusable.

Figured I would head over there after work to pick up my expected new phone although not paying attention to the boards I ended up on a fast train that took me well off key. Managed to grab a train back straight away but had to contend with a gentleman who I half expected was going to rob my phone so I just stood there chatting to him and texting my girl before feeling guilty when he said he had no money and I had no intention of giving up the phone I was using treating it like my precious. Anyway I eventually gave him a pound as I felt like he begged it and then he got off the train hmmmmm.
Got to the store in the end and more effort with the replacement as instead of issuing a new phone which would have been logic it now has to be faxed to the Repairs for them to send out a phone. Well thought out, I suppose I am being a spoiled brat but hey I want my own way. Anyway today I have felt quite poorly so show me some love. Also if you are reading this and want to be out this Saturday for drinks call me on my number as not got a replacement yet !!!!!