Saturday, April 28, 2007

To build a time machine

If only one could be built as Chelsea have effectively seen the Premiership title head North now after only managing a draw against Bolton. Courtesy of a reckless body check from John Terry and from the resulting free kick Bolton drew level and Man Utd then took Everton apart. I was being updated of the scores by phone and where before half time it was going well I decided to head to the pub. Wish I hadn't now but it's been a good title race regardless of my current negativity.

Tried to stay in a good mood and I think it worked as me and my girl had a laugh around the shops and at one point attempted to purchase parts for our time machine only to be frowned at haha. Drama with my children's mother at the moment as not sure what her problem is but when am I ever. Hopefully get to see my children early tomorrow as have a Christening in the afternoon but sadly due to the lack of room they won't be able to join us...