Saturday, April 21, 2007

Agricultural Weekly

Woke up this morning and I felt like I had been possessed with the spirit of Arthur Fowler as I had the urge to get down the Allotments. Don't think that there are any located near my girls house so sent out a request for a gardening tools power up and it soon arrived ready for me to get too work. Was a couple of tools down if I am honest as needed some extra accessories but still nothings going to hold me back especially with the spirit of Arthur running through my body haha.

Had some help from the team and from the pictures you can see that we made full use of everything available. My boy who was being a little mischievous set to work on helping me and I got him working with the lawn mower and raking the grass with a broom. Arthur was proud of our work ethic though and we wanted to impress haha.

After a few hours of being on it I think the spirit of Arthur was making more than just me tingle so headed down to B&Q for more, more ,more. There was so much more there that we ended up filling our trolley up with quite a few unnecessary goods which we soon steered away from after figuring that we lacked creative direction in what we were hoping to achieve. At this point we had a twist and from being in garden mode we figured we would switch to decorating the interior. We picked up some bits and I think that with Paint it's going to be a messy evening when we start that. Was a busy day today though and too much activity for my boy it appeared as he retired to bed early leaving us proudly looking out the window at our achievements. Personally I am looking at a certain area where I can start growing Pumpkins !!