Tuesday, April 17, 2007

blast from the past

Going to touch on something regarding my girl, I won't go into too much detail because it's not my place but it's a significant event. She has just found out that she has a sister as she received a phone call from her introducing herself. The sister has recently taken training at a company she works for and coincidentally this is the same company my girl worked for before she gave birth to her daughter.

Obviously it's all a shock and I can relate as at fourteen I found out about my biological father and that I had another brother. It opens up another chapter of your life that you were unaware of and don't really have time to prepare for. The added emotion is how it affects those closely around you and I expect how you are perceived. I wish that my meeting with my brother had gone better as being a naive teenager and messing around with guns it didn't put me in a good light or show me as the responsible older brother.

Sounds a bit ghetto but they live on a farm and it wasn't that bad an incident just playing around and I ended up shooting him in the arm. Not very good but I learnt that games involving firearms are dangerous. Plus in light of what occurred at the Virginia Tech Campus in the US which is a terrible tragedy and the soaring gun crime in London they are not a toy.

Anyway my girl is full of loads of emotions which is understandable as there is likely going to be a lot of catching up and likely filling in the blanks. They are planning on meeting later in the week and my girl has asked me to attend which I will as want to be there for support. Hopefully it will be all good and eventful for the right reasons. I'll finish by apologising to my brother and saying that I hope to see you soon x