Saturday, April 14, 2007

Finger licking good

So we went into Bromley today to have a look about briefly, wasn't much really going on we just wanted to get out and have a shop. We mooched about for a bit but where my girl's daughters father was stopping over to see her we were pushed for time. Had a bet on the National but didn't get to watch the race as we quickly had to race around the shops for something to eat and then head for the train home. It was all about the fast food though, not my choice but my girl choose two portions of Chicken from KFC. It was finger licking alright but not the best food to eat on the go. We enjoyed it though, I think she did more than me as she looked very content and judging by my pictures I reckon she will soon be appearing in some KFC commercials. Oh yeah.

We got back to hers anyway and I had to head off for a pub to wait out while her daughters father and family were around. This is a new thing for me and my girl I could see was feeling uneasy with the arrangement. Wish I could have been there to assist but I think it will be a while before that becomes a likelihood as don't want to complicate things for anyone. I just watched the first half of the Man Utd Vs Watford Semi Final and Man Utd are looking very strong. Rooney's goal to start the scoring was top draw and they eventually rolled over Watford 4-1. Hopefully Chelsea will be securing there place in the final tomorrow, we shall see....