Sunday, April 01, 2007


Seemed like yesterday everyone was celebrating a birthday, had a few party's to attend but decided to go one up Bexleyheath to celebrate with my friend. My children were at mine for a few hours before heading off to their other grandparents and I headed out to have it out with my friend. Was a cold night and I was glad to get into the club as was proper freezing queuing up by the bank. There was a good turn out for my friends birthday and he was in high spirits cheering and doesn't like only he knows how. He took some random photos so I hope to have them uploaded shortly once he send them over to me. I felt like the tattoo guru as everyone was telling me about the ink they planned on getting done. I had a good night and my friend did as well and was cool hearing him in a drunken tone telling me how much he loved me. There was tales all around though with divorce and pregnancy stories and more.

Made it to my girls courtesy of my friend and although I just crashed out when I got there we were up bright an early and were well in the mood to cock a doodle do as we set up a fashion parade. Was hilarious and at just after 6AM in the morning it was the funniest start to the morning I have had in a while. The theme for the fashion parade was newspaper and the above is a sample of the collection. Buy it BUY IT NOW. After this we pretty much had our first argument which was about a Michael Jackson song hahaha. Come Together... Right Now Over Me haha. We then preceeded to watch a selection of MJ videos on YouTube and decided it probably best we go back to bed and hopefully wake up normal. We can hope hey ...