Sunday, April 15, 2007

From Danson Park to Wembley we'll keep the Blue flag flying high

Today I had my children for a couple of hours and where it was a nice day we decided to take them to Danson Park. Had to treck to pick them up from their mother who was in a pub with her three sisters. Was kind of awkward there as my girl waited outside and I walked through to collect them and leave. It was proper case of the ex as not only was my children's mother there but also somebody else I had been in a relationship with so just breezed through like Postman Pat on speed and was done with it. The chewing gum boy was on it at the shops but in the end settled for a push pop which he worked on getting as sticky as possible haha.

Danson Park is good and even better there being a fair there but we didn't venture here and instead got on it with the water park. If you haven't been in ages it's well had a face lift and seemed really popular as well as it was packed. My daughter wasn't keen on getting too wet but my boy was like a fish to water and was soon getting up to mischief with cups of water haha.

I meanwhile found a giant thimble and after spinning around for what seemed like five minutes staggered off like a crab. Only to leap over a load of rides and realise that I looked more excited than some of the children so took time out with the girls to work the swings and I think our youngest family member is taking a liking to them. We hung about for a while longer and after climbing up a rope tower with my boy we headed off. My daughter who had been nervous about wearing glasses looked wicked and seemed eager to show them off which was good. And rested some of my nerves as we had a heart to heart recently and she was a little bothered about having to wear them. Our journey home was the longest and although I was secretly on a mission to get home quick to watch the football I had to laugh at the amount of pitstops we had. Some more eventful than others but it was a good day out and we had some laughs along the way...
I got home to see the second half of the Chelsea game and although not plan sailing we made it through to the final with Man Utd beating Blackburn in a tough game 2-1. Going to be an exciting month ahead for football and I know I am going to be feeling every second of play that Chelsea are on the pitch !!