Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I want power, I want to be stood in front of thousands of people yelling my name, singing to lyrics I have written or just overwhelmed about being in my presence. Grrr I could be some one's inspiration, their hope and the person they follow religiously. Yes I am a dreamer but I am also an underachiever. I'm bored tonight, need more everything and now. Nervous that Valencia will prove too difficult to turn over tomorrow and yes I know they will be.

Jarred at O2 as they have led me around the garden and on the way around I'll exaggerate and say that I walked into a tree branch, stood in a gift from a fox and fell over the wall into next doors pond. Okay hypothetical but you know what they have been like the Chuckle Brothers and I have been like their Tennis Ball. Oh well new phone tomorrow and without it I have felt naked. Got a rolling week for the next few days and here goes -

  • Wednesday going to see Chelsea vs Valencia
  • Thursday is leaving drinks at work and my girls back
  • Friday is a possible date at London Zoo and a police party and I so want to go as Sting but don't think I have the all clear... yet haha
  • Saturday is going to be a laugh as me and my girl are having a fashionista day out and then hitting the cocktails before heading out. Maybe to go Bingo but would rather get out and into some bars before heading to a club
  • Sunday it's my birthday and back to basics with indoor camping
  • Monday I have no idea yet but might build a time machine to relive the previous few days again oh yeah

Making plans is very long winded, I know I am not the best and with six days to cover I think I am fairly organised. Whats more, trying to find a Police outfit with a few days to go has been effort although my girl found a wicked site here that covers manys occasions. Well going to have to get something from there in future as not much time left for friday. Probably just take the easy way out with handcuffs and join ourselves together haha. Well done Liverpool tonight with three goals and lets hope the other English teams can be equally as strong tomorrow...