Saturday, April 28, 2007

For one night and one night ONLY

We finally decided on heading to Bromley where our night would begin. And after eventually finding a parking space we headed for Walkabout, last time we were here the football was on and it was packed and although tonight wasn't as packed there were still a lot of people about. We got here quite late into the evening though and after meeting up with some friends and having a drink we decided to head off to a club to continue the night.

It was a proper cold night and well the way the time cold I wanna be keepin' you warm. I got the right temperature to shelter you from the storm. We headed for Beckenham and where it was cold I gave my girl my coat to keep her warm and although I was proper freezing I just smiled and nodded and tried to make it look like I wasn't shivering. We queued for ages and to keep ourselves entertained we choose to make it look like we were really angry at having to wait so long. We didn't pull this off very well and proceed down the page as you will because our faces are anything but scary.

After our collection of poses we gained entry and it reminded me of my journeys to work during rush hour as it was uncomfortably full of people. We eventually dived in and gently pushed our way through to the back near the toilets as this was the only place where there was space to move. Okay I admit having a lot of people in a venue obviously shows that it's at least popular but with it being up close and personal there was an atmosphere that I picked up on even from the queue. Not to be on a downer for the night though we stepped up to the plate to make the best of the night and get involved..

After busting some moves in our space we tried to get some of the bar staff on our level. After trying to avoid eye contact with us for a while our chosen bar staff buddy eventually had to serve us and still trying to avoid the camera he dropped everything he was trying to do haha.

We headed to another clearing and stood with a group that my girl's friends knew and then got to taking aerial photo's. It didn't work too well though but we had a laugh looking at our masterpieces after each shot was taken haha. At this point some fella tried mocking me but before I could say anything to him my girl stepped in to put him in his place and when I eventually spoke to him he was practically stuttering haha.

Headed onto the dance floor at this point as there wasn't as many people as earlier and we felt probably best to move away from the people with attitude. It was at this point the inevitable fight happened, hardly surprising or leading us to make noises like fireworks had just gone off in the venue like oooh or arrr. Instead we were just like Ahh and turned our backs to the drama and carried on dancing, that is so how we roll haha...

We had time to cut a few more shapes on the Beckenham Express before like Superman we headed off faster than a speeding train into the night. Still need to have our super hero themed night soon but I think when we eventually do it won't be here as we don't want to get our capes dirty...