Monday, April 09, 2007

Let's go round again

Today was all about keeping the children entertained although I think they did well on their own as their imaginations are quality. Always thinking of new and inventive games and using anything to everything to enhance their games.

After a few hours we headed out to the park again and it wasn't just the children having fun judging by the pictures below as my girl was on it with the swing.

Next it was the youngsters turn and they well enjoyed the swings, wasn't too much to do in the park really but it kept them occupied for a while.

We had the most fun on what looks like the remains of a roundabout, by the time we had all finished I don't think that there was one of us that wasn't dizzy. I nearly fell off at one point which was well funny but wouldn't have been had I actually hit the deck...

In all my birthday weekend has been a lot of fun, plenty going on and Easter as well so got the chocolate to go with everything else. Why can't I have a birthday more regular...