Thursday, April 05, 2007

Back to the Future

Today wasn't too eventful, was supposed to be going out after work but I ended up heading out to pick up some Easter Eggs and went a little over the top. Ended up with several bags to carry around so figured it probably best that I head off after work. Work was good and I was presented with a balloon, a cake and a signed card from everyone on customer service which was good. Work finished and we had a few drinks in the office before popping next door for a couple and then heading off. Uploaded a few pictures that have been missing due to not having the software installed on the laptop and also where my phone has been man-down...

Seems like the majority of my friends are away this weekend, either on a boat trip or out of the area. It's all good though as there will still be a few of us out over the bank holiday weekend so we plan on having a few adventures. Starting tomorrow with an adventure to London to find some clothes for the evening..