Thursday, April 19, 2007

Take two steps forward...

Okay so the meeting of my girl and her sister took place tonight, my girl on our journey there was very nervous full of thoughts and a wariness. I tried my best to reassure her, actually I was on a wind up but I think nervous laughing is more relaxing than the sound of biting your own nails. The destination was Zizzi's in Bromley and although we were running a little late we were on a similar time to the sister who was also running late caught up in traffic.

We met up outside McDonald's and then headed to the restaurant and just got to chatting. Started on a bottle of Rose but took ages to finalise what we actually wanted to eat to the annoyance of the person serving us but she was cool as she posed for a photo smiling away haha. I had to pit stop over Boots to pick up some baby bits and by this stage I realised that we were already getting through the wine. Had a quick reality check on why this was and not really working through it myself and my girl just chatting away it became clear not by the rate of consumption but also the volume that the sister was loving the Rose.
We carried on though and although my girl indicated to me that she felt uncomfortable we carried on and I got chatting to another couple who were entertained by the baby. She was well hyper yelling 'Hello' and going through the motions of everything she knows. Still though she was behaving well but the sister at this point was proper on it and after paying I had to basically carry her to the cashpoint and then get her set off home. It could have gone a lot better but it could also have gone a lot worse but at least there were no shots fired haha. That's mainly because it misfired and that's understandable as not everyone is compatible. It's not like you can walk up to a complete stranger and expect to instantly hit it off and that applies here. Okay they are related but with a lot going on in my girls life at the moment she's decided to try again at another time but still stay in contact.