Monday, April 16, 2007


Ain't got no words for you... Hmmm well I've got a couple, having been pretty much single for a while up until the beginning of the year I can relate to chasing the pack. What I can't relate to though is the guys that beg it. It's flattering and everything but come on there is a line, I am not saying that I was a goodie but I kind of know the limits. I'm also not snarling and growling but I feel at times it is a little disrespectful.

Take yesterday for example, a couple walking to a park with three children one in a buggy kind of would give me the view that hey this is a family. You'd think huh as it still doesn't stop them like baying dogs. I would say that the approach you are adopting towards girls is probably the reason why you haven't one beside you. Like I say it is flattering and it's not like I am going to get jealous of what I already know as I'm with my girl but it does make me feel like I am walking about at times wearing my invisible jacket. Anyway if it's like a bus stay on until it's your stop as I am not getting off mine anytime soon...