Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pull my strings

Had my one to one at work today to discuss what is required of me and the direction the company is going. Very informative in more ways than one as it answered a lot of questions I had without me needing to be direct. I started the year with me needing to support two other people which are my children. That has doubled now as my family consists of five people so my whole life and activity has changed considerably.

For the better though as my situation is stable, I am happy and I am building towards what I am hoping will be my happily ever after. Tonight I think I will try heading out to watch the football and have something to eat with my girl. Football is annoying as it seems at the moment that Man Utd always play before us which is frustrating as we can't put pressure on them. Oh well one month and it will all be practically over for another season !!