Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Touching distance

Grr had some annoying multiple choice test to do at work today and also have several more to finish by the end of the week. Would love to swerve them as they are frustrating having to keep working on them until you get a certain amount correct. Finally got our Vista release today so I have started testing and building support material. I am like sooo proactive with doing the work before requesting. Suitable employers please take note haha. Remembered today to take home the clothes horse which I galloped on to meet my girl near her's at the station.

She was looking gorgeous as always and looked stunning in blue, blue was most defenitely the colour for the night as had the Chelsea game on. Don't know whether it was like a shadow over me at work but I was well nervous and so were some of the Liverpool supporters there as well. Anyway before heading home to eat we witnessed a car accident, the guy I felt sorry for as moments earlier I saw him handing out leaflets at the station looking fed up and I bet he felt even worse after this incident.
After having a sunbed we set down to watch the game, my girl is wicked allowing this as she can't stand football but hey I will make it up to her. On to the game and to be honest it wasn't the most exciting but a typical Chelsea - Liverpool match. Having not scored against them in the previous four Champions League games we have played against them tonight ended up being our night thanks to Joe Cole. Bring on the second leg but I believe that it's not going to be as straight forward as I hope...