Thursday, September 27, 2007

Roll it girl

Headed over to Bluewater again this evening, was only going over to pick the baby up a new coat over the road but we ended up on a detour. After initially getting stuck in traffic for half an hour we touched down in the shopping capital of the world. Anyone tell me otherwise you have to physically prove it and take me to the bigger shopping centre. It was quite Autumny there, if that's actually a word if not try Autumnish and if you're still failing then just think like Autumn.

We trooped about looking for something decent and after eating our last shop was the saviour as we picked out a decent coat to go with the gloves and hat picked up earlier. I'm still lacking in the winter garment area but I am loving laugh and loving my family so no one can touch me. One more day of the working week to go and then hopefully non stop fun and excitement and lazy days. If only...