Saturday, September 22, 2007

Don't play with your food children!!

So we ventured out last night and ready for a good night, was touch and go what the plans were with me and my girl early doors as to whether I was with her or making my own plans. We headed out together though and in a show of unity we bought one cocktail and got another free haha. We are so going to be together forever! After a couple of drinks the camera's come out and so do the candles. We pay homage to Mourinho briefly before puring wax over ourselves. An amazing experience and it showed that we were prepared to do anything for a laugh haha. We are dangerous baby step aside as we are in the club.

We were on it with the wax until we got bored and then one of my girl's friends ex's turned up. She weren't feeling him as it wasn't like that broke up on good terms, when is there ever an amicable split though. After finishing our drinks me and my girl struck one or two poses and then on trying to enter the party room we were told to breeze. They weren't feeling my footwear, I was disappointed as I was trying to bring Ski's mainstream. Okay so I weren't really wearing Ski's but I have got in many places before with my footwear. We moved on disappointed but hungry..

So like all hungry people we fed our urges and stopped to pick up some food. A big apology here to our parents who for many years told us not to play with our food. We just couldn't help ourselves and how I lust over my girl watching her eat and devour a burger in a few quick bites. I love the way she chews it and even more the way she swallows haha. Anyway the train arrived and we took off home giggling and still tasting the burger from our teeth as the night wore on. We slept well that night with dreams of edible foreplay and being chased by Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar. They will never catch us though as we have candles xxx