Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fish in the Sea!!

Today we had a slow day, I don't think my brain was in gear properly as was supposed to get ready to meet my girls relatives but ended up working on the garden. Don't know how I got so sidetracked but I did, think it was because I was trying to make it look presentable out there. It looked alright when I was finished but was rushing to get ready quick time. Made it though haha!! After the relatives had left we watched some of the VMA's and how impressive was Chris Brown. Check out this footage...

I so want to be able to move like this guy, I think Justin Timberlake summed up the performance with his comments afterwards about him feeling old now and being impressed. I would love to nail some of the moves in a club but I would probably nail someone in the face with a kick and knock them clean out haha. After this we headed to Bluewater to return some bits and then over to New Eltham to hunt for my tattooist who I have followed about for many years now and I am looking to get him to colour me in some more. I have a vague idea what I want but want his opinion! We called at the shop but he won't be there until tomorrow so me and my girl we head over tomorrow and look to book in for our artwork. She's working on her own at the moment and it's looking good!!