Sunday, September 02, 2007

Time after time!!

Today we headed to Bluewater for a walkabout, were going to get my daughter some school shoes but their mother said she will get them now. If she goes over the top with picking a pair I hope that she isn't expecting me to pick up the bill. Anyway cross that bridge if I need to! After walking about we headed to TGI's for something quick to eat and a cocktail and then went to meet my girls sister.

Had a funny debate with my girl about couples and think that I came out the loser, or did I ??! I dunno! After Bluewater headed to my parents as it was my brothers birthday celebrations. Also football was on which was okay until we started losing, there are only so many times you can come from behind in a game. Was only a matter of time before we lost! Celebrations went well and we had a good evening, had some proper laughs at X Factor. How much front does Simon Cowell have? What he said to the people about them sticking to Carol Singing was hilarious. Legend! After spinning my brother around in a chair for five minutes and making him really dizzy we headed off with a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 to watch tonight. Sweet!!