Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ye Olde Thurrock

Unlike most weekends we decided to go old school this week, we were going to go to Camden but my girl is really ill so we decided to keep it local. We headed to Thurrock, before Bluewater this was the place to go for the shops but it's well and truly in the shade. We wanted to check out if it had been hard done by with that accusation, to look for a coat and to pick up a first aid kit.
Walked around for a bit and although I like the shops like Top Man, River Island and Burton I don't really feel their coats. Some were alright but it's like the designers deliberately mess them up in some detail. And for me that detail makes it a no go! My children headed over to Southend today with my parents and I was to meet them later so we didn't have them with us. After searching with no joy we ate potato's and then headed to pick up some human repair kits.After looking in some more stores we headed off, without a coat but with great wisdom. Where off to smoke pipe with big Chief, speaking of the Chief I hope to be playing Halo 3 soon, just got to wait for my Xbox to be fixed!!