Friday, September 07, 2007


Hey, hey I am La Spiritual kid! After work today two of my colleagues left, but my main focus was the guy from finance as we had a good discussion. Anyway rewind and come again fire... Today we had more interviews and damn they were taking my power away, my future vibe was pouring down the plug hole. It's kind of like we have this position and yet agencies ignore that and just cherry pick. We wait a month for CV's but yet we could of held auditions on the streets. My train of thought was on my jeans as still can't get over how much the jeans I like are now. Contemplating selling a child, or at least loaning one out! After much ado though I put my foot through the floor and chose someone from our front line who I will personally train and hopefully assist his career. Then maybe he could buy me the jeans huh!!

After work I was gutted about my friends going and as usual got in the mix with my Muslim companions about beliefs. I'm not a sceptic far from it and the way we spoke of my path and shortfalls was a good assassination. I love hearing about how wrong I did, the guy's like he wouldn't make the mistakes. Well pal I am glad I made the mistakes to learn from. Plus we both ended up being at that point and having the discussion so really he is no better off than me. I've decided where Ramadan kicks off next week I might get into the whole starving myself for his belief just to see what he has to go through for a month. I'll probably eat on the sly though haha. Another thing I am going to do is head to the mosque to see how it all goes down. I personally don't understand how they can pray for an hour and not run out of things to say. I'm just going to go through a list of... God thank mummy, God thank daddy and so on, might take my facebook friend list and thank everyone there. Will bide me some time anyway. Anyway everyone went on to have a meal and I said my farewells and went off into the sunset thinking about the fun I've had over the last few months and hoping my friends stay in touch!!!