Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm still standing

Well what fun I had last night, I was proper not feeling Tuesday. After boasting at work that I hadn't had much time off ill this year I was struck down with a feather. Spent most of the night showing the toilet more love than usual, oh well I suppose it deserves special attention occasionally. Woke up this morning in two minds, was like 'Hi Joe'... 'Oh, Hi Joe'. Decided that instead of having a day off I would face the fire.

By the time I had got half way through my journey though I kind of wish I had turned off my phone and not bothered. Weren't feeling that great and my children's mother was trying to bully me over the phone, as she usually does when she doesn't get her own way. Weren't happening though and I couldn't be bothered to hear the usually criticism of me and the rest. The way she kicks off is wrong and it's no wonder she has so many people with bad words to say about her. I'm so glad that I am no longer with her and wish she would hurry up and get over it.

Don't know why she is full of such hate, maybe I should do more but that's every ones story. I would love to be there for my children every day, I would love to be there for every occasion, first event but we broke up. That's what I have to face, what I wake up to and always stays in the back of my mind. I'll be brutally honest and say that I have no time for her, that I think it was a waste of my time being with someone that had a lack of ambition. I could go on but the point is that however much I dislike this person we share a common bond and that is we have children that need us to cooperate. Anyway I will come back to this shortly...

Arrived at work late due to the trains conspiring against me and just drove into my work. Was trying to get everything sorted for the afternoon as I was to be leaving early to meet up with my girl to go with her to the doctors for the babies MMR. Managed to get through the day okay, apart from two more spiteful calls that I couldn't be bothered to here. Along came the 'never seeing them again' quote which I think she should have as her permanent user status. Finally headed off on the trains and arrived on time and headed to the doctors! What I always remember from going with my children is the bottom lip going. It's not nice and however many times you see it you always feel the pain. This was no different and once the first injection was given she was expected the second. Was a very sad cry although she was shortly rewarded with some chocolate and a fruit shoot.

As it was Wednesday club, decided that I would trek over to have words with my children's mother and to see my children. After battling through the traffic and road accidents I arrived, chatted to my friends outside briefly and then knocked on the door. Door opens, door slams on me. I tell her I am there to see my children, she opens the door, face like thunder. I never see any other expression so not sure of she was in a good mood or not until she opened her mouth. Amazing!! The children run to the door and I hear a Smeagle like murmur from the kitchen so presume that Faz Motar is around. Still waiting on that apology pal!! Anyway has to be the briefest of meetings with them but they are more than familiar with the face than me now so as commanded they head inside. I tell her that I am not impressed with the way she has been speaking and that I think she should learn respect. Falls on deaf ears and as the door slams I turn to face my friends. It is a little shattering but I expect no less and even though at times I feel like I am fighting a losing battle and that slowly I am losing my children. There is no way I am giving up EVER!!

Detour to my mums and then head over to my girls, not really too much on television tonight. Just an important game featuring a team that we will all be hopefully behind next summer. Impressively over the two games, six goals, six points and bring on the remaining games. Notice I haven't touched on this here in the last five days but the players done the country proud. Lets hope that this is a trend that will continue...