Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stepping forward!

Spoke to my children again today, I phoned to see how my daughter got on the day before and she was quite happy. My boy sounded all big and proud as well but instead of talking about his anticipation for school he was telling me about a tractor he had seen. I prefer talking to my children now instead of going through their mother. Although obviously she will always be a factor and I had to get my daughter to tell her to turn down the music in the car which I thought was disrespectful. As it was their first day of both of them going into school I would have liked to see them off but from past experiences I knew not too. One time I remember that I won't go into where it all went off in the road outside the school. Least today was remembered for them and not any incident. Looking forward to seeing them at the weekend to hear what they have been up to in their lessons. Still no success with finding employment elsewhere but I have found a new love... Scrabble. Oh yeah, challenge me!