Saturday, September 08, 2007

Need some band aid with that?

Okay so apparently I have to listen more intently as didn't quite hear or understand the terms and conditions of everything over the last few months. As much as I want to be a nodding dog and abide to said code of conduct I'm not a pet and I'm certainly not any one's bitch. I am the cure and the cause and believe that the blueprint was interrupted long ago so it's time we moved on from the Stone Ages. Well at least some of us have like us living in the future, we've been smoke free for years darling. The rest of society is only just catching up hey. I'm upstanding and also feel that I deserve more credit sometimes in certain environments. I'm certain making splashes though as on Facebook I have 'Most tech-savvy, confident, Person with the best hair! Back up haha! Now all I need is something regarding clothing and how skinny I am and BINGO!!

Anyway lets go Bluewater and advance a couple of hours with the power of blog... Having decided that taking the dog everywhere isn't the done thing as it's still like Stan from South Park we headed shopping. Mainly to look about for stuff for our holiday as I think that I will definitely be going now. I had a brief look but wasn't really seeing anything stand out, my girl came across some good tops though. Shame we are going away so late in the year as the majority of the decent clothing has been replaced by winter wear. Plus side is the sales though but so far they don't seem that great. I found a great gloves and scarf set which I will work this year no doubt haha. And we got dizzy in one store by spinning ourselves around on the chairs, the fun times we had. My boy was a bit of a grump though so after a few hours we headed off for a wind down and they were out for the count before even getting half way through Pirates of the Caribbean. Sweet dreams I guess as it is apparent to me that the first week back at school has proper knocked them for six!!!