Saturday, September 01, 2007

I bet I think the song is about me

After a brief adventure this morning with the toilet being fixed and us heading on a quest to sort out something we headed into central London to have a look around. I was wanting to check out the Diesel store having already picked up a flier advertising the jeans I liked. Our journey was brief and we spent a while in Topshop checking out bits. Why is it so much easier for girls to find clothing, and for less than a tenner as well. I am lucky if I find a decent T Shirt for three times that, maybe I need to step down from the shops I like. NEVER!!!

Eventually we arrived in Selfridges and I found some decent clothes, the jeans I liked didn't impress me. The look and feel was wicked but they have been increase £50 since last time which is annoying. Found a wicked shirt as well, the cut was quality as it was taken in just under the armpit and this will impressed me. I am well vain though check out my pictures in the changing rooms. Oh yeah, it's like you are there with me haha!!

After our look around we caught a bus back to my girls, it's my brothers birthday today and we are celebrating it at my mums tomorrow so will be heading over there. Hopefully see my children for a bit as well but not sure what's happening with them at the moment...