Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trying to make moves up the ladder!!

While at work today I started looking at Shared Ownership/Part Rent-Part Buy as apparently this will be the best way for me to get onto the property ladder. It's going to be all pastures new to me as I will have to familiarise with a lot of new terminology at a cost I expect. Going to rope in all my outstanding loans and car finance to this as well so that I only have one bill to pay. For now though it's heads down and going to try and build up as much as I can. I've signed up to a website that will get me started in getting a property. Looking back at 2006 now I feel a fool for the amount of money I wasted on nights out as if I could round up all that I would have a deposit. Oh well you do live and learn, mad thing is that when it all does work out there will be five people living in my house and from that there are four different surnames. It's going to require hard work and energy but when I eventually get sorted the rewards will be great!!