Monday, September 24, 2007

Away day blues

Was not impressed with the football yesterday, went to a pub around near where my children live which was a decent family pub. Got a few drinks and then was told that they had lost their license to show live matches. Great fun!! Headed to another family pub around the corner hoping for better luck. Hate taking my children to pubs as it's not the done thing but was hoping to have a good day watch us win and then fly home in the chariot for happy days. Instead though the lack of children activity meant my children got bored Very quickly. Then came the inevitable goal as we looked weak and after the restart it just seemed to grind so we evacuated the area with the game eventually finishing 2-0.

Tried to make the best of the situation but my boy was having one of those days so it was best we leave before it went down in a bad way. Returning to my girls and I went through all their homework with them which was good. I like being able to do more with them and playing a bigger part in their learning makes me a happy bunny. Today at work there was a new starter and he seems quite normal so far, be interesting to see how long it takes for him to slip into any unusual ways. Like sleeping boy who has now left the company, well it was going to happen sooner or later!!