Sunday, September 30, 2007

Usual Suspects

Bit of a mad one today, well the last 24 hours really. Think we're coming down with something, dunno what though as it's like someone has got a mixing bowl, mixed up a remedy and posted it through the letter box. We're feeling groggy though but as they say life goes on!!
After our day in Thurrock I picked up my children from their Grandparents. Not sure what was going on round their area though as their were police everywhere, I tried my best to take a photo but got some scowls from the police so just gave my nothing I saw here smile and moved on. My children were the sleepy kids but they were hungry so we stopped to pick up some food and then they retired leaving me and my girl to crash, and crash out we did. Next day the plan was to go to China town but my boy had a party and he was eager for it as well so couldn't disappoint. The other downside was that the other side of the babies family wanted to see her so we had to wait for her return. What was funny though is that she attempted to put the make up on herself, and I would say she was successful haha.

Once they returned with her the hours quickly wound down and I headed off to the shops and to take the boy to his party. Blow Out!! The party was last week and how small did I feel, their mum phoned me up and I don't know whether it was nervous laughter but I didn't share the joke. Anyway we crashed at my parents and then I dropped them home. Well rocked out to Kanye West's Champion, this is a tune... Yes I Did!!!