Thursday, September 06, 2007

Late lunch

Grrr Hating the late lunch as my tummy is grumbling. The reason for the lateness is that today I am in the process of conducting interviews with my colleague. He is on it with them. I would love to add input but I struggle for words as he has a good presence. Sometimes it's like being on a parole board as the people being interviewed really squirm and stutter. I feel for them because he really puts it to them. It's for the best though as we need to fill positions and don't want any novices under us or people with a lack of foundation.

Reading the Sun this morning and was well impressed with the Tories National Citizen Service. I won't bore on with loads of details about it but it basically requires someone to give up 6 weeks. In the 6 weeks they will give back something to society. The best I read being a trip to a Third World country. I would love to have done that and tried to make a difference. One of my friends went out recently and I was impressed with him getting involved with them and playing football. Whether it materialises is to be seen but I would like to see something done. My brother did a firefighters course and he benefited from that a lot as it gave him a lot of confidence. Anyway lunch is almost over and the next interview looms...