Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I built this city...

Originally this website was just going to be a social experiment but it's become like my online diary. Some people question why I bother but I find it a good outlet, it's now just another part of my online identity. I've had quite a reach across several sites and platforms over the last few years and it is a good experience changing and getting into new sites and projects. Picking up what people are feeling, not just about me but about what's going on around them. We're all becoming voyeurs, my site just gives reflection. What's interesting though is that other than Facebook a lot of my traffic comes from a Gundog site. What's that about, someone after me and going to set a pack of dogs onto me after letting off a few rounds. Help me John Connor!!

Watching Chelsea tonight I wish someone would come from the future and pick them up. This season hasn't started too well, okay we have only lost one game but we don't look too strong. Have we become too direct, a route one team with no alternative. I hope not and I have faith that we will turn it around, whether we can do it at Old Trafford Sunday I don't know but after a dismal performance this evening I hope it's sooner rather than later as don't want to be chasing again all season. On another note my girl isn't feeling too well at the moment, neithers the baby so get well soon girls. Spoke to my children this evening and got my daughter to read to me over the phone, it worked out quite well and we managed to finish the whole of the Princess and the Pea. With technology even though I am apart from my children I am going to push to be as actively involved in their lives as I can. Enter the Internet, this is going to help me in being there for them even though I'm not in person. Web cameras and websites are going to be the key in raising them through the early years of their lives. Although with my son only just coming to terms with me not being able to see through the phone it's going to be an interesting task. Bring it on !!!