Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thanks for the memories !!!!!

Had a good nights sleep last night, was awoken by the usual annoying alarm tone roaring around the bedroom. I don't know whether it's the tone or that I know it's waking me up to head off to work that gets me the most. Like the scratching down a blackboard!! Today was different, don't really get texts in the night so figured something had occurred. Both messages were about Jose Mourinho and that he had left Chelsea. I laid back in bed for a few moments with mixed feelings, he's been a great manager but he is man who is decisive. A person not to be controlled, a leader and someone that I admire a lot. Okay there's been a lot going on behind the scene's this last year but he has been a breath of fresh air and love or loathe he was the missing piece.

Looking back over the years I never really felt Hoddle, Gullit was okay but never believed he was the one, Vialli now I liked him as he had character but not enough to stop him being replaced by Ranieri. He brought us on a lot but with the financial backing he wasn't going to do badly although I feel he made some wrong decisions. In his last season the press made him into too much of a victim and although he was a good guy we needed a leader. Enter Mourinho and the guy had everything, however people may not like his methods he was a character and an inspiration and he led Chelsea on to win the silverware us fans craved. The last year was up and down and I did believe he would go in the summer but when all the animosity of the last season had been cleared it was looking like this was the season. Even without too much of a spend in the transfer window. Although I am angry at his departure I am saddened to be losing one of my idols and a person that has given Chelsea the history that many northerners don't believe we have. I will continue to follow his career and wish him luck with his future pursuits but it's arrivederci Jose and thanks for the memories!!!!