Friday, September 14, 2007


Today I feel well tired but mission to work, shrugged off the midweek illness and breakdown in the happy relationship I have with the ex. No one left at work today for the first time in a while but I am glad really as running out of people there haha. It's not that bad honestly, what is bad though is that they are advertising for someone to come to work on my team for more cash. That isn't right I don't think and I feel one of the most technical people on my floor so I am taking on a new attitude...

That of Sith Lords, where I have now outgrown my manager I must now kill him to take over. The apprentice becomes the new master!! Ended up on a guilt trip in the evening as felt like I hadn't checked in on my children to see if they were alright. Got the usual sneer though and was told that I had missed out on my son's first full day at school. I feel for the poor boy caught up in this but at the end of the day. She is the parentthey live with so if something comes up she should call me. I am always the one to phone, I only get a call if she wants something. Got an easy weekend with my girl and my plan for tomorrow is to see if I can get another tattoo covered. The last one I had covered came out really well and I have another now that I feel I need to distance from. My girl is going to get a snowflake so we are going to see what can be arranged and when..