Friday, February 29, 2008


Was considering a night out tonight but heading down to Herne Bay this weekend to celebrate Mothering Sunday and also my girls Nan's birthday. I decided against it as although it would have been good to catch up with my friend and go on a mad one I weren't feeling an over expensive weekend which it's looking likely to be. Got my girl a dress so that's sorted but still have to sort out some other bits and pieces. I have a wicked card chosen but tomorrow I feel that I'll nip to the shops with baby and choose something more personal.

I am well loving the website at the moment and the information and updates there have provided me Intel on some great applications lately. My online profile isn't massive but I am involved on a few sites and it seems that the order of play is lifestreaming! This is basically one site that caters for all of your online identities. Well that's how I put it anyway as I am sure if you were to speak to those in the know they would give you the full low down. Better still venture over to this site and press Ctrl + D as you want this site in your favourites!!