Monday, February 11, 2008

My name is Joe how may I help...

Having not checked my email for a couple of days at work today I received notification that I would be on the beta2 phase of I am looking forward to it and have been reading up on what the future is predicted to offer through the internet. Better assistance for support problems I hope as had a few queries at work today that I had to really search about for online. The answers weren't really adequate either so three of my closed issues today were a combination of cancellation requests and diverting them to install on other systems.

Obviously I am the representative you want to speak to when you call my company hey ha! It wasn't a bad thing though I think the cancellations were looking for a way out anyway! Great to see Blackburn put up such a defense today! THREE MINUTES!! Come on at least put some concentration in and make Arsenal earn the victory. Took them a while to finish them off and I sat on the sofa with the PC refreshing the score on Sky Sports longing for an equaliser. It didn't come and instead it was the Gooners getting a second. It's there's to lose now!!