Thursday, February 21, 2008

Can you do the Captain Walk???

My children are on half term at the moment which means they need input baby! Luckily people are on hand to help as both me and my children's mum work full time. My parents stepped up to the challenge these last two days and from what they have told me it sounds that they have had a blast. Wednesday they went over to Wembley Stadium, where it is the Carling Cup Final this weekend there was a promotion that they participated in to get a free tour. If your surname matched that of a player of either team then you gained entry. Matthew Dawson you are the man and currently the only Spurs player I like!!

The tour of Wembley Stadium sounded fun and the highlight being that the boy led the teams out to the center circle. My mum said he was so proud to be leading everyone out. His posture spoke volumes and she said it was just a shame that they didn't film it. With it being Wednesday club I headed over to see the children and we got the boy to recreate his 'Captain Walk' he did it amazingly! We laughed so hard and hyped him up with us cheering his goal celebrations. Seriously have to get him into a football club soon!! Once baby is older we are going to get the girls into something together, the eldest is into Horses but with my girl being scared of them I think we'll give that a miss ha!

Today the kids were with my parents for the day again and they went to see the Water Horse. They both enjoyed the movie and would have gone bowling had it not been packed. I on the other hand worked late tonight to learn the Avaya phone systems. Only thing was though I learnt nothing as I was engaged in a call with a customer for three hours who had problems with his .NET Framework. Which means it wasn't working properly for all the technophobes!! Arrived home tonight with only minutes to spare to be with my girl before she headed out to Bromley with her friend. That means I am the designated driver and babysitter so I'm on double time tonight and will hopefully be on for a bonus tonight ha!!!