Sunday, February 03, 2008

And Action...

how you are my hero

how your never here though

remember times when you put me on your shoulders

how i wish it was forever you would hold us

Glasvegas are one of the bands I am feeling at the moment, well loving the song above although it's a bit of a sad one. Blared it out outside Boots as we stopped there whilst dropping baby to her Aunts whilst we went cinema. My girl had gone in to pick up some painkillers as she has a really bad toothache which is causing her a lot of discomfort. We were in the mood for movies today and our choice of viewing was to watch both Sweeney Todd and Cloverfield which are two movies we have both been anticipating for a while. After dropping baby off we headed to Showcase cinema in Bluewater and after picking up some food we headed in to watch Sweeney Todd, if you are heading out to watch this people remember it's a musical. We went already knowing this and were looking forward to seeing the gore and music play out. We weren't disappointed as Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter really made the movie entertaining. Both of us like Depp anyway as we've followed his career for many years. You will enjoy the scenes where the blood flows ha!!

Next up is Cloverfield and we watched this at home after picking up baby and although the showing wasn't on a huge screen like earlier in the day it wasn't an injustice. There has been a lot going on in the build up to this movie, the viral marketing has been immense and as with I am no where near the full picture. Not that the movie requires you to know what is fully going on with the monster as that is a sub plot anyway. Yes it is going on in the background but the journey is basically the perspective of a group from a party. I won't reveal too much but I really enjoyed this. It really generates fear but to be honest Hollywood is just borrowing from what many have been participating in for years playing videogames. Those who aren't strangers to First Person Shooters will be carried along as if in autopilot. Great movies both of them and if you choose either you won't be short changed!!