Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trying to jump from a Plane!!

Looks like the fall out from the Carling Cup final is a mess where Chelsea are concerned. Talks in the Newspaper's of being not prepared, arguments, players not being behind the manager. I am worried that we are on the verge of becoming like Real Madrid where manager's come and go like pop songs! It's likely just the media spreading the discontent but I just hope that it doesn't affect the squad in what is a pinnacle point in the season.

Finally managed to beat Call of Duty 4 last night on veteran. Tried to beat the bonus level on veteran as well but only making it into the final section once during the best part of an hour I gave that up. Moved on to beating the training level faster than the preset time gave that up and decided that bedtime was the order of play! Today was relatively smooth, I was a cool dude working hard and browsing the usual sites ha! I've been using Digg a lot lately but ideally I would like to be able to stream relating Feeds straight into my brain. Invent it already ha!!