Saturday, February 23, 2008

Making like trees!

It's amazing what you find on your door step, anyone who complains that there is nothing to do should venture out. Today whilst baby was off on her own adventure we decided to canter down the road and into the woods. We ended up on a right trek and if we were Foxes, Squirrels or come to think of it any woodland creature then we would be in heaven. As we aren't animals we bought along the dogs to make up the numbers. That's right dogs as we have my girls parents dog visiting for a few days. He is a cool guy and our dog is impressed by him ha! It was a good walk for the dogs as we covered some distance. Once baby returns this afternoon we are off to Bluewater as I am getting my barnet trimmed and at some point we will be taking in the sites of the supermarket. Tallyho!!