Sunday, February 10, 2008

Big Gathering in Little China

Had a bit of a crazy one leading up until our journey to London today, bit of a whirlwind really as the boy having set a benchmark previously washed it all away. Not once but twice so the excuse I suppose is that he was just making up for lost time. These things happen though but it wasn't the best start to proceedings but we lived to tell the tale.

The train journey was also one to forget as some clever person responsible for transport decided that with so many people heading into London for the Chinese New Year today that they would close Charing Cross station. My hat is off for you as you are one bright spark! Needless to say the lack of knowledge by the London Bridge stuff and add to that having to navigate through the Underground it wasn't fun. We made it though and were greeted at Trafalgar Square by a lady singing a song which was belted out through the speakers surrounding the square. I wish I had known the words as I would have loved to have sung along!
After rocking out here for a while we headed up to Leicester Square but were halted by a police blockade preventing us from going any closer. This was due to fireworks that had just started going off there. They were impressive, well at least the sound of them was! We couldn't really see much as you can see from the photos above but they were amazing. Our perspective was like the first glimpse of the monster in Cloverfield.
We moved on to TGI Friday's to top up our liquid intake and to have a chill out and also for us to visit the toilets. Mostly my boy as he was feeling the urge ha!
After here we headed back to Leicester Square and then onwards through ChinaTown! The decorations were amazing and there was a lot on show for us to take in. It was a shame we didn't arrive earlier as we missed out on the parade and where the night was drawing closer we headed back down through Leicester Square where we were greeted by randoms in armour. They were in good spirits though and happily posed for photo's!
Eventually after we navigated the Underground network we reached the mainline and crashed out on the train. My crash down was heavier as having heard earlier Manchester United had lost Chelsea failed to capitalise with a weak draw and with Arsenal playing tomorrow I feel that we are again looking out of the running having been so impressive over recent weeks! Oh well here's to you Mrs. Robinson...