Sunday, February 17, 2008


Today was low key as instead of heading out we took it easy, only venturing out to go to the supermarket. My girl made me laugh as she nearly took out a lady walking around with a trolley! I jumped in to add humour to the near collision and was accused of flirting. I tried to patch up the situation by spinning her around and getting her into an impromptu twirl and finishing in an indecent position. I found it funny but the loudness of the 'Oh, my God!!' that followed told me otherwise. Anyway after completing our round of budget shopping as money is tight after a hectic month consisting of the boy's birthday, Valentines and the rest we headed home to watch movies. I have provided my reviews below


Sixteen year-old Juno MacGuff is the type of girl that beats to her own drummer, and doesn't really care what others may think of her. She learns that she's pregnant from a one-time sexual encounter with her best friend, Paulie Bleeker. Juno and Paulie like each other, but don't consider themselves to be exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend let alone be ready to be a family complete with child. Although she would rather not be pregnant, Juno is fairly pragmatic about her situation. Although there, Paulie really leaves all the decisions about the baby to Juno. Initially she decides that she will have an abortion, but that's something that she ultimately cannot go through with. So she decides to have the baby and give it up for adoption. - Source

- Having read the hype and seen the trailer this was a movie that I was really looking forward to watching and wasn't disappointed. The story focuses on Juno and her pregnancy from her one of encounter with her friend Bleaker in a chair. Ellen Page is wicked as Juno and whoever she interacts with in the movie her lines are sharp, witty and you really get behind her character. The way she gets involved with the adopting couple and how she comes into emotions and scenarios that are beyond her years but she handles them so well. I was really engrossed and it got my emotions, so much so that I even shed a tear. I was like Chandler from friends although I managed to hide my tears from my girl. Only until after the movie where she chased me round the house laughing. Anyway if you want a movie to watch with your partner this is the one

One Missed Call

Beth Raymond is traumatized when she witnesses the gruesome deaths of two friends just days apart. Even more disturbing, she knows that both of them had received chilling cell phone messages—actual recordings of their own horrifying last moments. Impossibly, the calls were received days before they died, but each death occurred precisely when and how the messages foretold. The police think Beth is delusional—except for Detective Jack Andrews whose own sister was killed in a freak accident that bears a strange similarity to the deaths of Beth's friends. Together, Jack and Beth work feverishly to unravel the mystery behind the ominous calls. - Source

- Haven't even seen this advertised so it was a bit of a gamble watching this as it could have turned out a disaster. It is a decent movie but it's all been done before, if you put Final Destination and The Ring into a blender then this would be the Smoothie. Although it's not that smooth as I felt the opening thirty minutes were rushed and the events kind of just occurred. Still though it was a decent journey through the movie and it was a surprise how it turns out and then just as the killer appears the movie ends.

Tried to watch another movie after this but we just zoned out on the sofa all movied out I think. As we drifted off we were awoken by something occurring out in the street. On investigation one of our neighbours had just had their car wing mirror smashed off. I spoke to the guy and he said that it was a group of kids running past after missing their bus. Probably the same kids that gave us grief, think once I host my paintball event I'll consider actually getting a paintball gun to take them down ha!