Friday, February 22, 2008

The social cloud and the rain cloud...

Don't know who coined Social Cloud but it basically refers to the connectivity, coverage and presence within social networks. I have a very addictive personality and at this is my addiction, digital crack ha. The question you may be asking is; Why? I wish I could answer with a definitive but I can't although I can try and paint the picture clearer. It just happens I have my Information Super Highway super colouring information filler in my pocket.

To start with I have interests that I like to participate in and follow actively. Whether it be football, music, family or something different altogether I like to stay involved. The Internet has enabled this and opened our lives to so much in such a short space of time. I like my online existence and discovering new applications and sources of information that can give me reflection and provide me with what I want. For instance I have just signed up to Daily Mugshot and what a clever concept. You may have come across Noah...

He took a photo of himself everyday for six years and you can see the results from the clip above. Daily Mugshot have provided a simple alternative and with a camera connected to your PC you take a photo of yourself everyday using landmarks to position your face. Here is an extract taken from the site;

The Daily Mug shot began when I came across a dude who took a picture of himself every day and turned it into a video. He had taken pictures of himself every day for years, and the video was amazing. I thought: I want to do that too! Then I began thinking about what sort of system would make the entire process as easy as possible, and furthermore, what would be the most fun and easy way to show these videos to friends on the net. -Keith (Keith at dailymugshot dot com)

Today at work was bonus day but mine is already gone as I have designated a sum to my mother as I owe her a couple of bob!! Everyone at work went for a swift one but I made a swift one home and was a rather rude dude to my princess. Needless to say that I was quick to correct my ways and hope that the rain cloud of this week will also be swift and depart, quickly!!