Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Aliiive!!!!

This is how I and others see myself at the moment, I am just awaiting the Timotei team phoning me up and asking me to sit at the top of a Mountain washing my hair in a waterfall ha! In all fairness the hair is a mess but it has a mind of its own and never stops moving. Payday soon so I will be having it 'trimmed'! Today has been a good one so far although I left before my beau work this morning. Still though the day has got the focus on everything love which is great! Had a few meetings today and I was going to lend my friend my phone whilst he went to meet someone and get his phone back from them. Luckily I never let's just say haha!! Can't wait for tonight as I will be rocking the mop and washing my hair in the front room trying to dazzle my girl haha x

This is me