Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I can't handle the heat...

I really enjoy the gift of giving, it's the buying that's the problem! Well actually it's the buying of the cards that really gets me! I always read through the messages, take in the picture and how relevant it is. Why is it that manufacturers don't get together and produce a combined effort. The amount of cards with a good message and poor picture or an amazing cover but may as well have the word blah written once you get passed the opening of the card. Today I rocked down to Clintons and it was like a cattle market. People launching themselves across the shop, blocking off whole sections of cards so that they could comb through to find their favourite. I was half expecting to hear the words "Grenade!!" it didn't come though. What did come though was the heat, I must have lost a stone searching for something decent. I think I achieved my goal though although will have to wait until tomorrow!!

Did the usual weekly rounds today, not accompanied by the girls though as they stayed at home whilst I made the round trip. My boy had been playing up that day so I had a word and then after he had settled he just crashed out. I had him on my lap holding his head and tickling him, his head weighs a tonne ha! He set about making me some sliced sausages later and looked like Jamie Oliver getting on the scene. My daughter got to making me some toast and I was sat there thinking that this is the life, them making food for me for a change!! Looking forward to Valentines tomorrow, just wish I had taken the day off!