Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hung out..

Last night I stayed up for a while playing on Xbox 360 waiting for my girl to arrive home and when she eventually did she was well out of the game. She just crashed out and today she still hasn't recovered so is a little worse for wear. This morning babies other family came around to pick her up for a trip to the park and it clearly weren’t the order of the day as she was not feeling greeting them at the door. It went okay though and the morning went by quite fast although there was a disturbing moment when my girl got a nose bleed and was pulling slugs out of her nose urrrrgh. Baby was soon back with us and with a big bundle of sweets in tow. They may as well just inject her with E numbers as this was like a power up to a child. Oh well this is life! I headed out to pick up some food and cooked my girl a fry up. It was delightful and filled a hole! After watching Arsenal jam a result we relaxed on the sofa and I managed to get in some more game play whilst my girl had a sleep. This hangover has taken her right out so I feel like soon it's my turn as I am forgetting what a hangover feels like ha!