Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's all bloooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Apparently taking too much Viagra makes your vision blue tinted well so does upgrading your blog. If you don't like the new home then you can do one as I think it looks good although behind the scenes it could have been better with the applications but I'm feeling it regardless! Trying to find a decent xml template was a task but then it got harder as trying to upload it was really effort.

It's still in migration phase as when I get a chance I am going to travel back and convert all 600+ pages into the new colour format. Is it worth it, probably not but I have issues like that ha! After work today the other side of Babies family were round as they were preoccupied yesterday so I scooted over to Clinton's to check out the cards. There is a special occasion every month for me and it's costing a small fortune. Take into account birthdays, births, leaving do's and marriages at work and I seriously need a pay rise!! Once they had left I checked into base to pick up the team members and we headed to Bluewater. Wasn't really a point as time was getting on but we did anyway and later I realised why. My girl worked her magic and ended up with a new £45 dress, you soo know how to work it ha!! Looking forward to seeing it on though baby xx

Apparently some people think I am like Mick Jagger, this photo is for you!!