Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The day of the boy!!!!

Last year's birthday celebrations didn't go too well mainly due to my punctuality and I think there was a sour taste from me getting with my girl. Whatever the reasons or motiffs it wasn't fair on boy as it was his special day. This time around it's going to be a different story, he is a year older and wiser and the celebrations with my family will be held at my mum's instead. Phoned him up this morning and was told that he is five today in a proud little voice! He was really chirpy and I could feel his birthday buzz! It got me a bit her boyfriend being there in the background but I am over that a lot now as whatever he says and does they are my children. Anyway I spoke to the eldest briefly afterwards and she was also excited as she is off on her school trip today to a museum.

My present to my boy this year is a day out to watch Chelsea play football but as the tickets haven't arrived yet I wanted to do something extra. Figured I would get him some photos of me and him for his bedroom. May sound a little vain but hey I love him and I want him to wake up to our happy times. I will probably do this for both of them to mark our times together. Make the pictures bigger and bigger like a shrine hey haha! Was effort rushing around getting the photo's at lunch but to be honest is anything ever easy with me? Roll on five so that I can motor home and head over to see my special guy...