Saturday, February 09, 2008

To the bat cave!!

So begins our adventurous weekend, starting firstly with a trip into the caves in Chislehurst. I came here once before with some friends at secondary school and it brought back good memories. Back then I took on a role of a fantasy character, no I wasn't eating mushrooms in fact I was playing as a part of the game Labyrinthe. Back then I think my character for the day made a mistake beheading another character and killed my whole team. Something like that anyway. Today though is not as extreme as we are to have a tour of the caves!! We rolled up with our packed lunches and I ventured in to ask about the times and was told that it was due to start in five minutes.

Quickly had to pack up the food again and then followed our guide down into the tunnels. We were given lanterns, we collected two of them although I ended up with them all after a short distance. The kids appeared to love it and were more interested in running off on their own. Boy was relatively quiet for a change, although he followed the eldest's enthusiasm and held hands with her as she lead from the front asking questions and even banging a water drum to make echoes around the cave. Baby on the other hand was making echoes of her own as she was tired and was letting everyone know it. I also eventually had to carry her around fast asleep as well as the lantern, oh and the bags ha!!

Hoping for a better night tonight as last night was a late affair with all my travels and disruptions and to top it off the boy wet the bed which is a first for a while. Well a first when they have been with me to sleep over as at their mother's house he is like a sprinkler!